With over a decade's experience in US Admissions Counseling, Mentors Educational Services operates on a state-of-the art database of nearly 5,000 foreign universities and higher education organizations across the world. Its rising multinational character is evident from the fact that its expertise in admission counseling has been sought by more than 600 students from China, India, Zimbabwe, and Kenya to date. The company has offices in India and is in the process of establishing presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Mentors' uniqueness lies in its insightful understanding of education systems and practices of universities in various countries - particularly in the United States. The company specializes in creating solutions based on candidates' merits. Mentors' clients are now studying in campuses as elite as Princeton, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon and UPenn. Its competencies in assistance in Financial Assistance obtainment are widely known and so are its services in smart application preparation and write-up assistance.

Do you stand out as an applicant for US admissions? That's the million dollar question,really. Whether you are thinking of Undergraduate, Master's, MBA or Ph.D. But at Mentors we have powerful solutions to this critical question. Our vast experience and scientific approaches ensure your application presents you as a best-in-class,truly deserving applicant. For instance, we crate unique strategies that can be deployed to overcome the "fresher" disadvantage you may have, or low academic or test scores.

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